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Joanne Holmes

Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing and Accessories You’ll Actually Wear

If you love vintage dressing then you probably already know that shopping for vintage clothing can be a challenging task. It can be a confusing task on deciding what to look in the vintage dress before making a  final purchase. If this is your exact concern then this article has got you covered. You don’t need to crease your forehead as the shopping rules are quite simple and not a hard nut to crack. If you stay persistent and implement the points mentioned below then you will not fail to buy only those vintage clothing or accessories which you will actually wear. 

Research of Vintage cloths marketplace

You have to realize the importance of research. You need to stick to the quality of material you are buying and not quantity from the Vintage cloths marketplace. You might have a friend whose dressing style inspired you. This is where you need to take the opportunity and ask about the places where one shops from. Get the idea of the best shops in your locality. There is a high probability that no one around you is aware of the reliable shops nearby. In that situation, the best approach will be to make an online search. Get the list of recommended shops online and there are several online stores as well which will help you in narrowing down your choice. Search online for the recent sales and you will not be disappointed by the awesome pieces offered.  You will want to consider looking at the flea market. 

Classic pieces from Vintage cloths marketplace

You need to buy classic pieces else there is absolutely no use of buying vintage from Vintage cloths marketplace. You may get drawn towards vintage blazers and other printed shirts but all this while you should not ignore the classics. You must consider looking for timeless fabrics that fit you perfectly. You will find several accessories that will fall under the classics category.  The other factor which will help you in buying vintage is your own daily style. Paying attention to your own day to day dressing style will surely help you in buying only those things that will go in line with your personality.  

Styling Idea in Vintage cloths marketplace

There will be several instances when you will be standing in the Vintage cloths marketplace and questioning yourself whether a particular piece will be the right fit for you or not. There will be other questions burning across your head as to whether you will be able to pull it off the dress or not. In that case, always picture yourself styling the particular outfit or vintage piece. If you have a clear idea as to how you will style a particular piece then there is no chance that you will fail in pulling it off. Create a figure of yourself in your head and this will surely help you. This is a truly winning strategy which will surely help you in the long run in getting the vintage clothing and accessories that you will actually wear. 

The best way of finding your Levis 501 vintage jeans without a doubt

Every girl has once strolled the aisle for shopping vintage dresses whether be it in summer, winter, spring or autumn. There is this common question which runs across the head of various people that why it is an absolute necessity to own 501 vintages? Well, you should bear in mind that the first impression is the last impression. If you truly want girls to dress in the coolest way in be it in any choices then you need to reconsider your preferences. Vintage guarantees a different style of clothing which is absolutely unique in its form.  

You all must have done a bit of research, after all, you are a die-hard fan of Levis. The research must have abled you to know the origins of 501 which dates back to 1980s. Bear in mind that the style is back with an additional layer of fanciness. You can avail a double sleek look while owning belts stitched with several loops. You won’t miss on buying that red tab which serves more than just the label on the back of your pocket. The memories that you treasure are surely different each time you wear Levis. 

Differences in Levis 501 vintage and modern ones

Many people don’t fail to question the difference between modern 501 and vintage 501. If you see the new Levis then it owns several stretches along with cuts which will fit you the best in all the sense. Many people are not fond of that slim effect which makes them appear out of fashion and less up to the date… the new do ones have that great fading effect which gifts it a pretty industrial look.  That is why old ones were better in terms of styling.

Types of body for Levi’s 501 vintage

Several girls have this burning question that is there any ideal body type which will be perfect for the vintage wear? Well, in that case, the answer is no. it will suit any person as long as you will give it a capacity for suiting you. You don’t like vintage low cuts because you feel uncomfortable. The truth is that you will feel weird at first but once you will adopt that as your signature style then you won’t fail to appreciate the sense of power it gives you. You will confidently walk and represent yourself in any walk of your life no matter what your body type is like. 

If you are still wondering how Levi’s 501 vintage can be worn by anyone then there are two reasons for that. Firstly, with trousers of high waist, you will be forced to pull your stomach in making a flat belly. The inflexibility of the high waist trousers is a great way of keeping your self-puffed up after having done the lunch. Secondly, with no elastane in the denim of Levi’s 501 vintage, you can be assured that it won’t stretch. This ability will make your legs look much longer.